Life coaching

Sometimes people need help with issues they encounter in everyday life. For example with work-related problems or with other difficult matters. People regularly have a restless feeling that they cannot explain. After all, they are doing well! A nice job, nice house, healthy children, etc. But there is still something wrong. It is often difficult to explain where this feeling comes from.

As a Life coach I help you achieve your goals. Some people want to deal better with stress. Others constantly run into the same problems. As a Life coach I can deal with various situations and I can coach you so that you can continue with your life.


Life coaching is by means of personal coaching with a Life coach shaping yourself and your life as you envision it. As a Life coach I help you organize your life the way you want. Together we create insight into your qualities, wishes, motivations and more self-awareness. Investing in yourself is always worthwhile, both for yourself and the people around you.

Life coaching is about exploring yourself both emotionally and mentally. As a result, you will get to know yourself in more depth and you will also work on giving direction to yourself the way you like it.

Career coaching

Career coaching works through personal one-on-one conversations with the employee. During these conversations, I work with you to uncover the reasons why you get stuck. By talking and coaching, you can relax more in both private and work areas and prevent, for example, a burnout.

The labor market is constantly and rapidly changing. You probably started your career with the necessary ambition and expectations. However, it is not always easy to convert these expectations into results.


You will likely change jobs, or maybe even a profession, several times during your life. Do you want to progress in your work? Then I can help you.

It starts with ambition, but how do you make the right choices so that your qualities and talents can be used properly. I’ll make sure that you take control of your further career again. Together we look at where you are now and what steps are needed to get a grip on your further career.

I assist you in discovering your talents, skills and motives. And finding a suitable job or even outlining an entire career path. You can also contact me for all other work-related questions, for example about dealing with stress, insecurity or conflicts in your job.

For the employer

Effects of Stress

The World Health Organization (WHO) calls stress a "global epidemic." It is "the disease" of our time. As an employer, you would like to see your employees perform their work with pleasure, enthusiasm and positive energy. But what if the fun and enthusiasm is not there for a while?

There is a risk when employees suffer from stress (private or business), overload, and performance pressure. This employees need attention before actually dropping out. As an employer, the costs in the case of an employee dropping out can be high, which is never desirable for the organization. These costs can be greatly reduced with preventive and adequate care.



In conversation we look at the cause and origin of the complaint. Together, insight is given into major life events (such as parenting, death, moving, divorce, dismissal) that can put employees temporarily out of balance. I focus on optimizing emotional well-being, reducing pitfalls and strengthening qualities.


Invest in the right things!

You never make the organization profitable by saving. The best investment you can make is in people! Employees are not only the calling card of your company, they are also the engine. Failure due to illness is an addition of missed signals. By using coaching effectively and, where possible, in a preventive manner, you as an organization take care of your employees at the employee level. Your ROI (return on investment) is a decrease in health costs and an increase in a healthy work culture. A happy person performs better, gets more done in less time and is infectious within the team.

Many employers offer their employees the opportunity to hire a career coach/life coach. This is often highly appreciated because as an employer you show that you respect the person behind the employee.

Coaching can take place both within the company and in my practice. Would you like to be coached by me, but is the distance and/or availability during the day a stumbling block? I also offer online coaching.


I would like to talk to you to listen to your specific wishes. In this way we can come to a thorough approach in which a careful working method, high quality and result are guaranteed.


References after a Life coaching process

“It was a nice experience, very goal-oriented. The peace, understanding and recognition I found most valuable. I also liked the flexibility of your approach, every appointment I could choose what I needed at that time. And I enjoyed working with certain exercises.”

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At Clever Input we help our customers to regain control of their lives through life coaching, career coaching and motivational team training. Together we ensure that you make the right choices so you can achieve your full potential.

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