Privacy Declaration

Clever Input, located at Veenendaalkade 297, 2547 AH in The Hague, is responsible for the processing of personal data as shown in this privacy statement.

Contact details Clever Input

Veenendaalkade 297 2547 AH in The Hague

Telephone 06 19934260

Processing of Personal Data

Clever Input processes your personal data because you use the services offered and because you provide this data on request and with permission. The information you provide is:

 First and last name


Postal Code


Phone number

E-mail address

Date of birth

Other data that you actively provide are the private data shared during a consultation for your personal growth and development.

Special and Sensitive Information

Special and sensitive information about your coaching request, coaching process and your health is noted during a consultation, this is done in writing. As a result of the consultation, you will receive tips from the consultation by email. These tips are free of sensitive information and serve the purpose of personal growth and development. An invoice will be enclosed, containing your personal details, name / address / zip code / place of residence. This is sent over a secure internet connection.

Purpose of Data

Your data will only be used for your coaching process with the associated payment processing. Your phone number and email address will be noted to contact you in the case of cancellation or change of appointment. The employer's data is used to draw up an offer for customized coaching program, including financial processing.

Data Retention Period

Clever Input uses a one-year retention period for your personal data. After which your personal data, in writing and digitally, will be destroyed.

This includes:

Personal data

E-mail address

Phone number

Coaching process data

The fiscal retention period that includes your standard data is 5 years.

How your data is Protected

Your details and the written notes recorded during the consultation will be added to your file, which are kept in a closed unit. Your data that are processed digitally is stored in a digital file in a password-protected computer. This computer is protected with a strong password and is updated weekly for viruses and data leaks. This is done by ESET Internet Security. Clever Input is responsible for updating the internet security so that we always work with the most advanced version.

Sharing data with third parties

Given that there is professional secrecy and a duty of confidentiality, information will never be shared with third parties unless you yourself have given permission for this in writing only.


Clever Input uses tracking cookies via Google Analytics to optimize the functioning of the website and to improve the user-friendliness of the website. This data is anonymous and is in no way linked to IP addresses or other kind of privacy sensitive information. This data is only used for commercial purposes of the website to promote the provision of the services of Clever Input.

View, adjust or delete data

As a client you have the right to view, correct or delete your data. Of course, this request will only be honored if it comes from you.

About Clever Input

At Clever Input we help our customers to regain control of their lives through life coaching, career coaching and motivational team training. Together we ensure that you make the right choices so you can achieve your full potential.

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