Code of Ethics

Clever Input contains principles and guidelines that are used in the supervision. As a professional, I adhere to this code and work according to this code.

The basic conditions for coaching are to promote honesty, integrity, impartiality, respect, responsibility and autonomy.

Clever Input only acts on the basis of what it can account for according to its own values ​​and standards.

Clever Input takes a service approach and puts its clients first.

Clever Input offers confidentiality at the highest possible level.

Clever Input ensures that confidential information can never be retrieved through overlapping networks of relations.

Clever Input always protects the identity of its clients. Also in discussions with colleagues or during supervision and / or peer reviews.

During and around the coaching relationship, Clever Input sets clear limits.

Clever Input takes into account the effects of overlapping relationships.

Clever Input does his utmost to introduce sufficient coaching qualities and techniques during the sessions to ensure that the agreed coaching process takes place satisfactorily.

Clever Input does everything possible to control the quality of his work, improve his own competence and always work within the limits of that competence.

Clever Input regularly uses appropriate supervision and / or peer supervision.

Clever Input invests an important part of its time in study and further professional development.

Clever Input keeps abreast of the most recent developments in its field.

Clever Input provides honest and complete insight into its qualifications and limitations when asked.

Clever Input will never abuse its preponderance as a professional, nor its knowledge and skills.

Clever Input gives advice without obligation. The client has the freedom to respond to it or not.

Clever Input works in such a way that both the community and the uniqueness of the individual are respected.

Clever Input respects the cultural context and world view of his client.

Clever Input has the responsibility to work with its clients in a respectful manner and to encourage them to make independent decisions within their own beliefs, standards and values.

Clever Input is responsible for entering into a coaching agreement with its clients.

Clever Input is responsible for setting and monitoring boundaries between himself and his clients. Coaching is a formal contractual relationship and nothing else.

About Clever Input

At Clever Input we help our customers to regain control of their lives through life coaching, career coaching and motivational team training. Together we ensure that you make the right choices so you can achieve your full potential.

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