Using a team session to motivate team members who are dissatisfied with their job is an approach that is usually unsustainable. Team sessions often provide a boost in the work motivation of the participants. Thinking together about the development directions of the team, exchanging ideas about the profession and finding harmony in the cooperation; they are beautiful experiences that give energy, but practice shows that it is often short-lived. Team members who are not satisfied with their daily work may come out of the session with energy, but over time this energy disappears because they return to the daily work that they experience as unsatisfying.

In my opinion, team spirit builds on the individual motivation of the team members. Team members should initially like their profession as they practice in the organization. It is the individual responsibility of team members to find a workplace that matches their qualities and aspirations. An employee who is dissatisfied with his/her work should not expect team dynamics to resolve this. It starts on an individual level. That is primarily the responsibility of the employee.

A Higher Goal
Optimal Functioning
Company Training

There are three aspects that play a crucial role in the motivation of professionals: autonomy, the ability to get better at your job and contribute to what you might call: "A higher goal".

Zakenmensen Mingling
Young Business Collega's

If you want your professionals to perform optimally as an organization, it is important that they have the opportunity to more or less organize their work themselves.

In the Motivation and team spirit session, I discuss the important aspects of "optimal functioning":

  • You get a clear vision of the motivation and the result that is needed for the organization, the team and for you as an employer.

  • You will discover what unconsciously stops your team from breaking patterns and achieving performance.- You get clarity about the motivation formula and the steps required for motivation and success in the team.

  • You learn what first step you can take to act quickly.

The investment for this session is € 97,00 excl. VAT.

PRICE - in-company training

Morning , afternoon or evening program (6-16 persons -group price) € 950,00 excl. VAT.

Day program (6-14 persons - group price) € 1695,00 excl. VAT.

The prices of groups larger than 14 people are on request.


In addition to the above themes, we can organize custom workshops & training. To guarantee the quality, we work with a maximum group size of 14 participants. If you have more employees for a workshop or training, we can make two or more groups.


Training is given on both working days and Saturdays.

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