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Services for Children


Classic meets Hip Hop

This informative and entertaining workshop provides valuable information about Classical music and also Hip Hop.

Thanks to Rudsels many years of experience in education, he is able to inspire and share the fundamentals of both genres in an accessible and engaging manner.

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Be you!

This motivational speech helps children and teenagers become more efficient and excited about what they’re already doing. When they lose motivation to perform adequately, Rudsel can renew their passion for their work.

His compelling tales of inspiration cannot help but make them look at the big picture of their own lives, encouraging them to aspire to be the best version of themselves possible.

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Stars on Stage

Do you want your children to have success and live a good life?

This long-term project teaches children the 21 th century skills so they can be the best they can be. They get the opportunity to train themselves in all relevant skills in a real life situation.

They will grow both on a personal and on an artistic level.  

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Dance is a powerful tool for self-expression, whatever your age or ability. It’s mood-boosting, bonding and lends you poise and presence. A great workshop, if you are looking for pleasure and relaxation.

You can book this workshop as a 'one-time experience' or as a package with multiple lessons.

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