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Rudsel provides highly interactive, knowledgeable, result-oriented motivational speeches to connect with any audience. He conducts speeches for special events or team meetings, and meetings for companies that need a motivational boost or an inspirational break.

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Talent Coaching

Being talented offers no guarantee to break through. Rudsel will give you the tools and strategies to make the most of your talents.

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One-on-one Coaching

Rudsel will give you the responsibility to help you come up with your own answers.

One-on-One coaching will help you raise your game, unravel a problem, execute a new task, master a new skill or find direction, purpose and ultimately balance in your work and life.

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Piano Recital

You can hire Rudsel for all kinds of events.

If you want a classical concert, live music for your dance or singing performance, a pianist for wedding ceremonies and receptions... Rudsel can do it all. 

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Workshop Dance

Whether it is for fitness, health, educational purposes, or simply enjoyment, Rudsels workshops provide a space for like-minded individuals to get together and create valuable memories. 

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Over Clever Input

Bij Clever Input helpen wij onze klanten om opnieuw regie te nemen over hun leven middels life coaching, loopbaancoaching en motiverende teamtrainingen. Samen met jou zorgen wij ervoor dat je de juiste keuzes maakt zodat jouw kwaliteiten en talenten tot hun recht komen. 

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